What Makes Us Unique

At James & Company, we believe that a successful search firm must deliver on each of the “Four C's”:


It's the all-important intangible — the affinity between our firm and your organization, and between the candidates we screen and your senior management.


Knowing the key players in your industry today makes all the difference in finding the right candidates.


Cookie-cutter solutions simply don’t work in today’s competitive marketplace for human capital.


Delivering value in every area of business — including search — is more important than ever.

Beyond delivering on the “Four C’s,” James & Co. combines several qualities that set us apart from other firms.

Industry Specialization

We specialize in the entertainment, media and technology industries. In undertaking a search assignment for you, we can draw on our in-depth background in these fields and consult our extensive network of high-level industry contacts. This enables us to understand fully the unique challenges and opportunities facing your organization and to identify the most successful players in your industry segment.

We’ve placed senior executive in all sectors of media, entertainment and technology, with a particular focus on nine key areas:

Boutique Focus, Large-Firm Capacity

We feel strongly that having a targeted, strategic focus is the only way to deliver the personalized, customized service that a senior-level search requires.

However, focused doesn’t mean limited. All of our professionals have the depth of experience and expertise you’d find at the world’s largest firms. The difference: at James & Co., everyone is empowered to do whatever is necessary to bring a successful resolution to a client engagement — without the red tape and bureaucracy that can stand in the way of getting things done at a larger firm.

At James & Co., the executives you work with to define your objectives will also execute the search. Unlike larger firms, we don't hand your project off to junior employees who aren’t engaged in the process.

Search From the Inside Out

We know the media, entertainment and technology businesses from the inside out, having worked on the client side as well as in the media practices of leading search firms. This enables us to really understand the type of executive you need to take your business where you want it to go. Our unique experience allows us to successfully marry your human resource systems and requirements with your executive search objectives, enabling us to offer a full range of services.

Michele James, our founder, has extensive experience in the media and entertainment businesses, having served most recently as chief talent scout for AOL Time Warner. Prior to joining AOL Time Warner, she was a managing director at a global search firm. She thus has direct experience with the financial, marketing, creative and competitive issues her clients face. She combines this experience with a comprehensive background in filling business-critical executive positions in media, entertainment and technology organizations.

The entire professional staff at James & Co. shares this commitment to understanding the client's challenges and opportunities. Like the firm's founder, they combine industry experience with search expertise to offer clients a truly industry-focused, strategic solution.


We view every search engagement as unique and tailor our strategy, process and cost structure accordingly. For example, if you are early in the process of examining your human capital needs, we can split our process into marketplace research and execution, allowing you to better anticipate search results and plan accordingly. If you are uncertain as to the timing of your hire, we can adapt both the process and the payment schedules to accommodate your needs.

Commitment to Diversity

At James & Co., we believe in the benefits of building a diverse executive team, and we've put our beliefs into action in a wide range of organizations. We have a track record of identifying and recruiting senior executives from a wide range of backgrounds. We welcome the opportunity to advise our clients on how they can achieve the benefits of a fully diverse management team.