In advertising, the movement of talent from firm to firm is constant. To maintain your creative edge and operational effectiveness, you need to stay ahead of this movement…
or risk falling behind.


Challenges for agencies have never been greater. Clients are reviewing their accounts more frequently, and they increasingly look for specialization as they spread their budgets across more agencies. Media outlets have become more powerful, and are exerting greater efforts on selling cross-media packages that they design themselves. Newer advertising outlets need to prove their value proposition and effectiveness.

Management Implications

To remain at the top of their game, creative shops must import fresh talent and ideas on a regular basis. Sales packagers need executives who understand multiple media outlets and can sell the benefits of cross-platform placement. Online agencies and new media outlets must be able to sell new concepts to value-oriented decision makers.

James & Company Experience

We’ve worked with small agencies looking to broaden or deepen their talent base and with larger shops seeking to import or reassign executives to increase company effectiveness. We help agencies of all sizes build more diverse and dynamic executive teams. Moving talent among agencies, advertisers and media companies is a core expertise at James & Company.