Identifying and attracting board members has never been a more visible or challenging task. Whether your company is a private equity-financed startup or a publicly traded behemoth, the makeup of your board is as important as your business plan.


The time to consider the effectiveness of your board is before you have a specific need for a new board member. Private companies need to develop the objective perspective and broad-ranging expertise that outside directors can provide. Public companies need strong independent board members who can bring a reputation for integrity to the increasingly sensitive aspects of corporate governance.

Management Implications

If your business plan anticipates public debt or equity funding, it is mission-critical to start considering your board composition early in the process. In today’s climate, investors want to see a strong, independent board — as well as a “board-capable” management team. Existing public entities know only too well how an insular board can affect marketplace perceptions and shareholder value.

James & Company Experience

At James & Company, we’ve conducted successful board searches for companies throughout the media, entertainment and technology industries, for both private and public companies. We have extensive experience analyzing board composition to identify needs — whether it’s a greater mix of internal and external representation, broader diversity, or the fresh perspective of an executive from a complementary industry.