Broadcasting is in a constant state of flux. With accelerating consolidation, cross-channel marketing and ad sales, and the development of new ways to see and hear programming, nothing about broadcasting stays the same for long.


No longer can radio, television, satellite and Internet be considered separate media. Users demand cross-platform access — and owners want cross-media promotion and sales. New ways of reaching consumers, from satellite radio to webcasting, require new skill sets.

Management Implications

In the era of convergence, your business can’t ignore other media. To remain competitive and grow, you need to import executives with new skill sets and expertise in other media. But the successful melding of backgrounds requires careful analysis of company culture and objectives.

James & Company Experience

James & Company can help you evaluate your situation and requirements to ensure the success of your new hire. We have extensive experience in recruiting executives with in-depth cross-platform expertise. Having worked in all segments of broadcasting, we have unmatched access to a diverse pool of excellent candidates, as well as the expertise needed to blend a team that can successfully build your future.