It is an exciting — and challenging — time for all sectors of the cable industry.

CABLE OPERATORS are under increasing pressure from satellite and DSL providers. New service offerings and product tiers are growing — the challenge ahead is maintaining this momentum while building a diverse workforce to market and sell these services.

CABLE NETWORKS continue to launch digital tiers, High Def and VOD — but cable operators continue to push cost control while seeking creative new programming options. To succeed you need a diverse workforce who can resolve these issues with win-win solutions.


The cable television industry is once again in a state of dynamic growth. From the completion of upgrades to the creation of new consumer products, this growth has spawned numerous opportunities and challenges. In addition to consolidation among operators and programmers, new technology is continually changing the industry's dynamics. Consumers have more products — and more companies — to choose from, so your team needs the best available management and people to stand out.

Management Implications

To remain competitive in this volatile environment, you need an executive team with the skills to adapt and evolve along with the industry, as well as the depth and breadth of relationships to keep you in front of industry-changing trends. Successful companies will recruit a diverse workforce which reflects the wide variety of markets they sell into.

James & Company Experience

We have worked with the cable industry since the formative 1980’s. Our clients include the most successful MSOs, cable networks from startup to fully integrated multi-channel providers, and long-established hardware and software vendors. No executive search firm has the depth of understanding and experience in cable of James & Company. We can help you build a diverse team to help your company continue growing.