Even as gross ticket sales hit new highs, the risks associated with film production have risen even faster.


Blockbuster film costs are higher than ever, more independent films are being released, and consumers have new ways to purchase filmed entertainment — VOD, PPV and online. For many companies in the film industry, non-domestic partners are vital to successful production and distribution. More films vie for more attention. Copyright challenges grow along with new channels for distributing and selling films. Given these challenges, traditional strategies for succeeding in the film and entertainment industry may not be appropriate for today or tomorrow.

Management Implications

To grow your business effectively, you need executives with experience beyond the traditional film and entertainment fields. You need talent with skills in related industries who can help you anticipate trends and navigate today’s uncertain waters.

James & Company Experience

Companies in film and entertainment can count on us to provide the insight and perspective needed to help them reach their human capital goals. We know the people you need and how to bring them into your business, with an eye to building a strong and diverse leadership team. We’ve worked for the largest studios, many distribution companies, and small independent producers.