File sharing, online pay music services, MP3, recordable CDs, music webcasting…the music industry is at a critical
inflection point.


Never has the music business been so challenging. Companies in this industry need the best talent available to maintain and advance market share and profitability while fighting piracy and influencing consumers to consume music in new and potentially more profitable ways.

Management Implications

In an industry that is so fast moving and competitive, companies must have the right people in the right jobs. The skill sets needed to thrive in this business have changed significantly in recent years. Whether building the right team means moving talent internally, consolidating operations, or recruiting outside talent, James & Company can help you make the right decisions and implement them quickly and effectively.

James & Company Experience

We have placed key executives at the major labels, as well as in distribution and production. We know the music industry well, and can help you recharge your executive ranks with a strong, diverse and experienced team.