As publishers consolidate or divest non-essential assets,
they will turn to executives with a combination of industry experience and in-depth financial management and
strategic expertise.


Publishers of all types are facing new challenges. From the movement of titles to the ongoing, highly volatile advertising climate, it takes a strong team to navigate this environment.

Management Implications

Publishing faces challenges on both the editorial and business sides, requiring a consistent presence in the marketplace of talent. For magazine publishers, volatility and softness on the ad side requires new skill sets, such as the ability to creatively sell pages and packages. With competition on newsstands and for subscriptions intensifying, the editorial staff needs to be in closer touch with readers. James & Company keeps in touch with the top talent in the publishing industry, and can help you find the skill set you need, whether you're launching a new consumer title, rebranding an existing publication, or bringing a collection of specialty titles into the modern age.

James & Company Experience

James & Company has worked for publishers of all types, from the most established print publications to cutting-edge online editions. We can help you retool your current staff, address important diversity issues, or build a new team to launch a completely new brand.