Whether it’s brand extension of a league, creation of an entire new network, or the constant battle to balance costs with revenue, executive talent makes all the difference between success and failure.


Sports continues to be a dynamic enterprise, but the challenges are formidable. For leagues, the challenge is retaining value in the eyes of consumers. For networks, it’s critical to communicate your value equation to advertisers and other constituents. For teams, the need to expand distribution and enhance revenue has never been greater.

Management Implications

Sports-related business can no longer grow without the expertise from a host of related industries. Whether you need to add publishing experience, cross platform sales, or VOD/PPV, James & Company can help you go from lottery pool to MVP.

James & Company Experience

We have extensive experience in helping leagues and networks build and enhance talent. Our in-depth sports industry knowledge, in-depth understanding of diversity issues, and internal candidate mobility enable us to help you design and implement internal talent review projects or recruit first round draft picks.