The technology bubble has long burst, but the demand for new technology applications remains strong. New ways to fund, develop and manage technology are also being created. Today, as in the past, the success of every company depends on how it uses and implements technology.


Whether it’s weeding out the pretenders from the contenders, or finding the right strategic deal, technology-related businesses are fully integrated into all segments of media and entertainment. Technology leadership may not be the mission of your organization, but using it properly is mission-critical.

Management Implications

How you use and relate to technology can make all the difference in your P&L. Whether it’s designing a web site that makes your company money, or transitioning to current software without disrupting your operations, effectively harnessing the power of technology is vital. Leaders who understand both technology and its vital importance to the media and entertainment industry are thus very much in demand.

James & Company Experience

No segment of industry moves faster than technology. Our experience in qualifying and finding candidates that know your business and its technology demands, and our understanding of key diversity issues, can help you maintain your leading position — or leapfrog your competition.